Magic Meetup - be your own motivator!

This event is open to everyone.

Would you like to meet your peers, have someone to bounce ideas off and help you plan? Support structured to professional coaching quality, for the cost of a breakfast? Come and join us for aThinking Session at Huckleberry's Bistro, Fanrcombe Street, Farncombe, Surrey.

Event is free, please buy a drink or breakfast. Reserve a place here: Eventbrite
Second Tuesday of the month.
At Huckleberry’s Bistro, Farncombe.


Leaders as Thinking Partners- thinking pairs demo.pdf 20 Nov 2017 15:19

An example of Timed Talk: How Can Thinking Environment® Improve the Quality of Political Debate?


Timed Talk crib sheet 10 Nov 2017 16:58

Why I Choose the Thinking Environment® - the long version with music