The core of all our business is based on the knowledge and experience of our Directors, Dr. David Faraday and Ms. Shirley Wardell.

David spent twelve years as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Surrey, where he consistently received outstanding feedback for his teaching and won a range of teaching and research grants. As Industrial Placement Tutor for Chemical Engineering, David found it was easier to get students placements, and subsequently jobs, if they had received training in Leadership, Team Working, Problem Solving and Communication. David left academia in 2003 to run Evolve Leadteam with Shirley and has been an adventurous, popular trainer ever since.

David is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Member of the Institution of Chemicals Engineers and a Chartered Engineer. David is also a Key Associate of the Leadership Foundation in Higher Education and an Associate of Adair International.

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Shirley worked in Theatre in Education, Sales and Recruitment before setting up Evolve in 1995. Shirley uses Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, which focuses on creating the conditions in which people think best. The Thinking Partnership process is a model for excellence in relationships, highlighting listening and identifying and removing limiting assumptions. The Thinking Environment is Shirley’s touchstone for Leadership Development.

Shirley has worked with John Adair and has developed knowledge of how to train Action Centred Leadership at Team and Operational levels. Shirley is on the Faculty of Time to Think, and is a Coach and Coach Supervisor.

Shirley works extensively in Higher Education as an Associate for Advance HE, formerly the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education. Shirley delivers the Research Team Leader Programme, The Thinking Environment Masterclass and Difficult Conversations.

Shirley has been a regular contributor to the OPCW Associate Programme since 2002.